San Saba County Historical Commission

Historical Markers

Church of Christ

Corner of Wallace (US 190) and Second


“San Saba County was organized in 1856, and in 1860 the commissioners’ court issued a block of land to each religious body; the Christian church was one of these. The congregation traded their land for another block upon which they built a small frame structure. The first documented preacher of the Christian church in San Saba was J. A. Henderson. For many years, services were conducted by lay elders and by traveling ministers. Popular religious debates held in San Saba often involved members of the Christian church. The 20th century was ushered in by the 1904 division in the Christian church, which led the San Saba congregation to choose the Church of Christ. Despite the split and such lean years as those of the Depression era, the San Saba Church of Christ thrived. Popular activities such as summer revivals increased membership in the church, with new facilities erected as needed. A controversy over the support of mission work resulted in the founding of a separate congregation in 1957, but the original San Saba congregation carried on and quickly regained its strength, flourishing in the 1970s. The San Saba Church of Christ upholds the unique traditions of its founders through worship, missionary, and community outreach programs in Texas and beyond.“ (1998)