San Saba County Historical Commission

Historical Markers

Camp McMillan

Was on San Saba County Courthouse grounds is being moved to new location

"CAMP MCMILLAN C.S.A.: Located 18 mi. West, 6 mi. North, this outpost guarded the Texas frontier during Civil War. One of a chain of outposts a day's horseback ride apart, from the Red River to the Rio Grande manned by the Texas Frontier Regiment. Regular patrols kept Indians in check and rounded up draft evaders. Food, clothing, horses and arms were always needed. They shared few of the glories of the war, but at the cost of the lives of not a few of them, these Confederates gave a measure of protection to a vast frontier area."

(Back Side Camp McMillan): "TEXAS CIVIL WAR FRONTIER DEFENSE: Texas made an all-out effort for the Confederacy after voting over 3 to 1 for secession. 90,000 troops noted for mobility and heroic daring, fought on every battlefront. An important source of supply and gateway to foreign trade thru Mexico, Texas was the storehouse of the South. Camp McMillan and other posts on this line were backed by patrols of State Rangers, organized militia, and citizen posses scouting from nearby "family forts." This was part of a 2000 mile frontier and coastline successfully defended by Texans.”