San Saba County Historical Commission

Historical Markers

Abe Galloway

In Mill Pond Park just north of the museum.

Monument placed by family and friends remembering this fine black cowboy.

“Abraham (Abe) Lincoln Galloway, son of Lavina and Henry C. Galloway, early San Saba ranchers, was born March 3, 1901 in San Saba County. He died August 17, 1961 and was buried in Hillcrest Cemetery.

Abe, well known for his skills with hogs, cattle and horses, spent his entire life in the ranching and livestock business in San Saba. Most consider him one of the greatest San Saba cowboys to ever grace the back of a horse. He enjoyed deep and lasting friendships with many. Abe was truly a good man with a heart as big as the cowboy’s loop he was known for throwing. His integrity and his word were accepted by all who knew him, a handshake was his bond. He was one of the best from San Saba, and we were honored by his presence.”